(Psst, it’s me, the furnace…)


(Quick, She‘s not listening — Hi, I’m the Atwood 7920ii furnace and I am the heart of this operation. If I’m not happy, nobody’s happy….

The picture above is what I looked like 10 years ago. I still look great now, because until They bought the trailer, I think I had only been used three times. Now I run probably every three minutes. It has been COLD here. Continue reading “(Psst, it’s me, the furnace…)”

Merry Christmas!!


Hello, all! Even though I can’t fit a tree in the trailer (which pains me), we can still celebrate Christmas! The photo above shows my decorations — because I HAD to have some decorations — and they make me happy.

Two tiny retro trees from the big box store flank a beautiful hand-painted winter scene from the local craft boutique. I added some red tinsel and mini lights, and I am satisfied for this season. These all sit on top of the “dining room” window treatment, and I have Christmas cards pinned there as well. It looks festive. Merry and bright. Continue reading “Merry Christmas!!”

It’s 25 degrees — the pipes are frozen again!

frozen pipes1

Like much of the U.S., we had a stretch of really cold days in November and early December. The past few years were pretty warm through this period, and while we were hopeful for another mild autumn, what we got was early deep winter.

Our plan was to get a pole barn built by early autumn. Long-term, this will be where Frank will keep most of his landscaping equipment and be able to work on trucks and trailers during inclement weather. Short-term, we hatched the brilliant plot to park the trailer inside to keep the water pipes from freezing.

Curses, foiled again. New plan: torpedo heater. Continue reading “It’s 25 degrees — the pipes are frozen again!”

Showering gets interesting…

You will never see a picture from inside my bathroom because there is no way to get any kind of camera angle!

Showering can be very interesting — on a number of levels.

(Wait! I don’t mean it that way! There’s probably no room for that way!)

The tub is child-sized. It measures 18″ (one and a half feet) by 31″ (two and a half feet). The whole bathroom is only six feet wide, including the 18″ of tub width. The tub is perfectly sized for my fifteen-pound dog. Continue reading “Showering gets interesting…”

The Barbie DreamHouse


Since 1962, a lot of little girls have coveted the Barbie DreamHouse. I was one of them. I never got one, although one of my cousins got me some sort of Barbie boutique in the mid-60s that was made out of pressed cardboard and didn’t survive its years in the attic.

I am fairly certain that it was bigger than this trailer.

We spend our early lives imagining what it would be like to exist in another dimension, with perfect hair, an extensive wardrobe, the perfect spouse (with the perfect smile), a pink convertible (since as far as I know, Barbie’s car didn’t come in an all-black option), in a tiny portable world that could be disassembled and shoved under the bed.

Here I am, kind of living in that world of tiny portability. It doesn’t come with the hair or the wardrobe (although I can keep more clothes inside than I thought I could), and the spouse is great, with a mischievous smile. And my car is all black — and it can almost pull my house! Remember, I told you (me) to be careful what you (I) wish for….

A trailer vs. a “Tiny House”


Okay, I’ll be honest: the trailer is actually bigger than the above photo — although not by much.

The greatest difference between the new trend of tiny houses and our trailer is that you can design details into the house, while the trailer was already 9 years old when we bought it. The only control we have is by adding some drawers and shelves on top of one another, ruining the upholstered seats they are placed upon. (Be patient with me — I’ll eventually have some real photos of how this all works!) Continue reading “A trailer vs. a “Tiny House””

Where does all our stuff go?


I would be lucky if this photo depicted everything we own. Factor about 12 times this. Okay, maybe 112 times this.

A trailer does not lend itself to living large. Or living with lots of stuff. (It is not even designed to be lived-in for any length of time, but I am a rebel.) What I did not recognize early enough was that I was everyone’s repository for stuff — and what that fact would mean as time passed. Continue reading “Where does all our stuff go?”

“Then what’s your least favorite thing about living in a trailer?”


Ah, the “leasts”….  There aren’t as many of those as you might expect!

Okay, I can’t cook. Actually, I’m a very good cook — I just don’t have any desire to do so. (Maybe this belongs in the most-liked discussion — now I have an excuse!) We discovered that someone created and manufactured a metal cover for the stove burners, and it fits perfectly. Apparently, I wasn’t the first non-cook to live in a trailer. We put our toaster over on top of the burner cover, and the burners became useful. We use the tiny oven to store non-perishables, and we have jammed a chopstick behind the control knobs so they can’t be turned on without purpose.

We do one of the things that all the diet gurus say not to: we eat out. We then have leftovers, and that’s how we eat in the trailer. Besides the toaster oven, the trailer was equipped with a microwave, so that’s how we eat. Add a coffee maker, and I’m all set. No traditional cooking required. Continue reading ““Then what’s your least favorite thing about living in a trailer?””

“So what’s your most favorite thing about living in a trailer?”

heart shape multicolored stand

Hmmm….. My most favorite thing….

(I’m never good at these questions, like when the interviewer asks, “What are your three greatest strengths?” Argh — brain freeze!)

I could say it’s the challenge of the whole situation. “Let’s just change everything about everything and make everything else look seamless. Oh, wait, change that too?” It forces you to look at every single part of your life. Continue reading ““So what’s your most favorite thing about living in a trailer?””

The Definition of “Small”


What (actually) does today’s title mean?

I have what feels like 16 square feet of floor space now, but more freedom than possibly ever before in my life.

We inherited my grandma’s house in the city several years ago and recently moved from it. The family had owned it for 72 years when we sold it. That’s a lot of history in two floors of 1200 square feet each. Continue reading “The Definition of “Small””