“To Envision a Washer, and Beyond….”

Water hoses

As you may imagine, there’s no room in the trailer for a clothes washer. (It’s a 17-foot trailer; most people’s washers are bigger than my trailer!)

A few months ago, Frank connected me up to 220V power inside the house, so I’ve had a dryer for a while now, sitting amidst all the plaster and lath strewn about. We would still go to the laundromat to use the washers, then bring it all back to dry.

He’s been trying to finagle a way to get me a water connection from the pressure tank to the washer. We aren’t to the point where we want to install plumbing in the house, but we’ve been trying to figure out a nice temporary way to be able to save a bit more money and time (especially time!), and use our “free” well water. (It’s our well; we only pay for the power — nothing illegal going on!)

The washer had been sitting in what will eventually be the dining room, and I about had a heart attack several days ago when I went in the house to look for something — and the washer was next to the dryer!

It wasn’t hooked up yet — Frank was thinking he could bring a supply line up from the tank, and then have a discharge hose into a garbage can that we can bail out — serious cobbling! — but it was so cool to see it there, in position!

I’ve had trouble envisioning sizes and shapes in the new space, and was always hoping that I could have the laundry twins on the first floor. They are now both sitting in what used to be the kitchen, which I have hoped could be a mud room/half bath — and they fit, with room to spare!! (Simple things amuse me, especially when they work!!)

This is small progress, I know. I’ll take any progress I can get with this project.

When Frank asked me come take a look at something a few days ago, I saw a garden hose snaking up from the basement to the first floor: Frank finished the water hookup, and I have a washer. Happy dance, happy dance!!! He also created a bracket to cradle the discharge hose out the window into yet another hose, and I have a washer! We did our first load, and it worked, and I have a washer!!

I just knew that man loved me… ♥