Mommy needs a cold one…


I finally got off my buttski and started looking into the stuff that’s been stuck in the storage tents outside. You know, the stuff I couldn’t get rid of, had to move quickly, and it all got ruined being outside in the moisture? The stuff the squirrels thought was their playground?

I have not been motivated to start this. I have used the cold, the rain, the heat, and my new consulting situation as excuses.

But this week, I only had some technical writing to do. And the weather was gorgeous. And I still waited until Friday to get started.

I began in the smaller tent and started carting boxes out to the picnic table. My expectations were not high. Yet, lo and behold,

— the boxes were deteriorated, yes;

— the metal rusted and the wood molded;

— but the other contents survived, sometimes beautifully; AND

— the three boxes of bedding that I’ve gone through are perfect! Perfect!

I was so heartened by this that I happily moved a ton of stuff into new boxes to take to Goodwill, setting aside another ton to give to friends whom I’ve promised wine glasses and architectural salvage. We took a few boxes of things like dishes and pots and pans into the basement — where it’ll have to be moved around again, but now it’s in the house! That’s it’s final destination!!

There’s so much more to do, and now that I’ve started and am not seeing bugs or spiders, I’ll be rolling along. I. Can. Not. Wait. I’ll be sure to let you know if any of my precious Christmas treasures survived.

But now, it’s a warm, sweet, sultry summer night. I’ve just made some odd, yet happy, memories. And now I need a beer….