Meanwhile, behind the scenes at the trailer…

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Wow, y’all. I did NOT realize it’s been two months since I posted. I had such blog momentum going — and then New Orleans ruined me, and then I realized that the trailer had made me lazy. And there are so many more stories to tell.

Let me catch us all up a bit. (This is as much for me as it is for you!)

My tiny family is here in our tiny trailer so that my husband could have all of his landscaping paraphernalia in one place. Four trucks, three trailers, two Bobcat machines (an excavator and a skid-steer), and all of the implements, tools, spare parts, and me and a dog — well, let’s just say that all of this didn’t fit at the old place. Here, Frank has three acres (and still not enough truck parking!) and a barn (that is filling up fast!) and is as happy as I’ve ever seen him.

While all of this was coming together, I wasn’t sitting on my hands. I haven’t talked much about my unusual skill set in the blog — in fact, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it at all — but thanks to a wonderful combination of factors and occurrences, much was happening behind the scenes.

In another life, I was a quality control engineer who was transitioned into being an environmental engineer. I have also been a bookkeeper, tax preparer, securities provider, life insurance agent, realtor, serenity specialist (spa attendant), and a whole bunch of other stuff I’ve forgotten. I was even a loader for UPS, and my guys loved the way I organized their little brown trucks. My alter ego became a naturopath after I needed a hip replacement when I was too young to have one. (And people think I need a hobby….. and, which of my personalities shall we allow to select it?!) I was also taking care of my mom until fifteen months ago.

This blog exists because I was looking through the magazine that describes classes held throughout the library system. They were starting a group for folks to blog their way to a book, and this intrigued me. There are several books rattling around in my head, including all these vignettes about life in a trailer. As it turns out, I wasn’t there that day about the blog. I was there about the job search group.

If any of you have ever quit a job, lost a job, been downsized or your company sold or told you were being “retired”, you may have experienced quite a bit of confusion, anger, and fear.  And if you’ve ever been to a traditional job search group, you know it can either be like a cattle call of Debbie Downers, or a bunch of folks trying too hard to act positive and ending up looking like a desperate cheerleading camp. The group I discovered because of that BYWTAB (yes, that means Blog Your Way To A Book) meeting was completely different — and so very timely.

This won’t be the best segue I’ve ever done, but it’ll work: you remember I mentioned environmental engineering earlier? About a year and a half ago, I started hearing a little voice that kept getting louder, repeating: “We want you back.” “We want you back.” First it was a whisper and then it was a shout. “We want you back.” It was what I like to call Engineering Head. Engineering wanted me back in the worst way. And I didn’t care if it was Quality or Environmental. I wanted to work!

Last summer, I happily worked on a resume and ended up having someone else write it, another person revise it, and then I happily began looking on Indeed and elsewhere for environmental positions. My credentials and experience synced almost perfectly with so many of the job descriptions. I was going to be an engineer again!! I couldn’t miss, right?


When the gentleman visited the BYWTAB group to tell us about his vision to help folks determine their next steps in their career, he described how they were using their blogs to express themselves and bring clarity. I visited them a few weeks later. What the group has given me has been a ton of practical ways to get back into the swing of things. They emphasized that the traditional job search was NOT my route to a job soon; probably not ever. They recommended instead that I network. Several of the members gave me referrals to other people, and I followed up on them.

Every.  Single.  One.

Turns out I am a badass networker!

Because of their insights and my tenacity (they call me the Bulldog now), I am now working with two environmental consulting firms as a contract engineer! I am a Senior EHS Consultant, I was asked to join the Board of the group, and I am as happy as Frank and Pip! And seriously sooo busy that blogging had to take a back seat for a little while.

And all because I’m out here in the trailer….