The trailer has made me lazy

Now that the weather is getting nicer more often, we’re busier in our lives — and planning to start actually demolishing the inside of the house. I have a goal of being moved in around October, even if I may not have a second floor by then.

The trailer has created a “situation”, however. I’ve become complacent and comfortable. Frank and I have places for what we need in this tiny space, and now it takes effort for me to move toward the next step.

Take something as simple as income taxes as an example. I know exactly where the files are for last year to reference as I prepare this year’s filing. Have I walked the 50 feet or so to grab them out of the house? No. Something that simple, and I don’t want to go fetch.

Part of this stems from not having a spot inside the trailer to set down or store the old files. Part of it is that while I know well how to complete the taxes, I don’t like to. (And don’t tell me to use a service or program — the part that takes time is preparing the data, and by the time I finish the hours of doing that, it only takes about a half-hour to fill out the forms.) And part of it is that I’ve made this little lily pad like a sensory cocoon. And taxes don’t belong in “tiny paradise”.

I welcome the demo portion of the house exercise. I’ve never been great at being able to see through walls and around corners in my head, and I believe the new interior plan will come together when the old stuff is gone. I can’t wait, plus there are things we can be rebuilding as we go.

But first, I pull myself out of here to get those tax files and get this done!! (And if there’s any refund, it’ll be spent on the house…)