… “To miss New Orleans” …

That’s part of a line from a song sung beautifully by Louis Armstrong about a hundred years ago. (Okay, it was from 1946, so only 73 years ago. Close enough.) It seems that long since I’ve been there, although it’s only been 19 long years.

I’m spending the next several days there, for business and for long-awaited pleasure. I am over the moon.

I’m convinced that I’ve lived in this beautiful and exotic city in another life. From my first visit for Mardi Gras in 1987, to my next for New Years’ crossing 1988 into 1989, to the long dry spell to a second Mardi Gras in 2000…. I will miss Mardi Gras by one day this year, yet the city in its hangover recovery is quieter and vibrates a little less frenetically, more laid back. They’ll still give me a great birthday weekend.

I wasn’t sure what to expect the first time I met NOLA, yet was not disappointed. And each time I left, I yearned to return…. Longing and yearning are the theme here.

This city crept into me as if I were a sponge and She was Life itself. With all Her faults, crime, hurricanes, floods, humidity, and swamp creatures, She rises to every challenge and presents a bold, bodacious face every time. Different around each corner, the same at heart, She just keeps putting one proverbial foot in front of the other and beckons me to join the adventure.

I know my time there will be very brief again, and it’s the perfect time for a shot of good old NOLA. Old Man Winter won’t relinquish his hold on northeast Ohio; the trailer seems somehow smaller as we anticipate spring; and I’m at a welcome convergence of many life transitions. I plan to take every available moment for the next four days to drink in with all my senses, and to soak myself in all this city will let me take in and bring home.

As in the past, I’ll return a different person, touched by history, mystery, and a soupçon of voodoo. Laissez les bon temps rouler!!

Ah…. I am here, and She and I are still madly in love….

(I know this post has nothing to do with living in a trailer. Thank you for your patience while I revel in a few posts about reveling!!)

(Please also bear with me as I post from my phone instead of the PC: I know it changes photo sizes, etc., and I will fix all of that later!)