Can we get closer?

I’ve described the size of the interior of the trailer as small. I swear I’ve met myself turning around inside the thing. (I know I’ve met myself inside the shower! Scared me, too!)

When we’re not working, whether away from here or doing projects, Frank and I spend time together inside the trailer. By together, I mean side-by-side on the one sofa. Good thing we like each other.

We’ve always been close and enjoyed doing things together, yet we weren’t sure how this experiment was going to go. We hoped we had what it took, but as you know, until you’re in the situation, you just can’t tell.

Frank and I met at work almost 18 years ago. We were inseparable and it was the joke around the workplace. Our job stations were right next to each other, then we’d get breakfast (coming off 3rd shift, we were starving), then a trip home to change and feed the dogs, then back out to a landscaping job, still together, then back home for dinner, shower, crash, and get up at 2 a.m. to do it all over again. I don’t miss the 2 a.m. part of it.

More recently, our work has taken us in different directions, and we spend as much time together as we can. I expect some of you will be envious, but we just get along together and truly like each other. We obviously love each other — the “liking” is so much more important. It doesn’t feel like we’re doing anything special to achieve this, either. It never has.

It helps that we’re both fairly easy-going and that we like a lot of the same things. We have our favorite TV shows, or I’ll be reading or typing while he’s playing the occasional video game. We don’t actually talk a lot in the trailer; that’s reserved for when we’re out to eat. The trailer is the place to crash when the other stuff takes its toll.

Don’t assume that we’re perfect, either. Do we argue? Of course we do, but the arguments are few and far between, and usually because someone misheard something. I’m not placing blame here: the finger-pointing tally is pretty even between us, and it is rare. We’re usually each other’s safe haven, quiet place, and biggest supporter.

All of this is a good thing, too. It’s not like I can go in the other room, you know!