Moving right along…

As time goes along, we’ve been able to do one or two things to move in the direction of rebuilding the house. First, we have to empty the house.

When we came here, besides the two storage tents full of stuff and the tent of furniture, we put certain items into the house to keep them clean and dry. These were things like our few file cabinets, some office stuff, stereo speakers, carpets, and box after box (after box) of tools, screws, and extra parts.

(I’ve already told Frank that he can’t make fun of all my Christmas stuff, when he has waaaay more tools, screws, and extra parts.)

He’s been storing his nicest truck inside the barn for the winter, but he had it as close to the wall as he could park it. The other day, with me waving my arms and estimating distances, he moved it more toward the center. In no time flat, with a quick trip to the home improvement store for more plywood and 2 by 4’s, he had a 16-foot-long workbench installed. Besides the top surface, he made two shelves the whole length. (I suggested some shelves above, too.)

Let the fun begin.

Trip after trip from house to barn, plus a lot of noise-making, and Frank’s workbench began taking shape. We discovered how many extra nails we own, as well as multiple boxes of screws, extra wrenches, screwdrivers, brackets, sockets, wire….  A lot is now in a pile in the corner to take to the scrap metal guy and get about 17 cents for it. We don’t need to keep all the nails my father and grandfather collected over the last 70 years.

These items will remain in the barn as the project moves forward. (Yay, something I don’t have to move again!!!) It also makes it much easier to do projects, because neither of us has to remember where we stored which thing. Finally. Now for the power tools and the rest of the stuff still in the house. Much of it will go up on the big loft he built me along the back of the barn.

In the middle of all of it, the guys came to deliver our bedroom set. Last April, in a fit of stupidity or something — when we still thought the house rebuild was going to progress more quickly — we ordered a king-sized bed and accessories. We deferred delivery until October, then December, then now. The delivery guys were great, so once I have running water and solid roof and walls in the house, I’ll have a place to sleep where I can stretch my feet!