I’m more flexible than I thought…

dollhouse bed

Making the bed in the trailer is a exercise in, well, exercise! The heart rate goes up, I break a sweat, sometimes there’s counting of repetitions, and swearing is a must.

Some of you might have had to make the top bed in a bunk, or perhaps your bed was in a corner, where you struggled a bit getting the clean sheets on the wall side. This takes it all to a whole new level.

Because it is a bump-out, there is only one open side to this bed. The head, foot, and one side are all against walls. Tight against walls.

You have to literally be up on the bed to make the bed. The top of the mattress is almost 4 feet above the floor, with a little stair-step to get you up there, and then you have to be creative.

Taking everything off to wash the sheets starts the session. Knowing there’s no place to set the blankets, pillows, and dirty sheets gets the swearing going as I put it all on the little two-seater sofa (so now there’s nowhere to sit), and I usually hit my head on the ceiling sometime during the process.

But that was the easy part….

Starting with a clean bottom sheet, you have to make sure you have the right configuration, unlike me today when I had the wrong corner in the wrong corner. You grunt and swear to get that first corner in — kneeling in the middle of the mattress — and then you do the same thing in the other corner (or like I did today, when I got to do three corners!). Then you collapse in the middle of the whole thing for a minute.

Dragging yourself off the mattress, knowing there’s still a LOT to do, you put on the outer two corners and drag the ends under as best you can. Heavy sigh, I must be close to done, right? And then I turn and see the mass of blankets and the top sheet, glaring at me. Collapse in the middle again.

Another heavy sigh and the top sheet is being unfolded. You don’t make the two sides even on this bed, either. The open side has to be much longer and hang over. I’ve finally got a good system for this now, so Frank has enough covers on the outside, and I have enough near (but not right on top of) the window. Crawling back on top of the mattress, I tuck the first corner in at the far bottom, smooth it all, and tuck the whole bottom of the top sheet under. One nice hospital corner later — and now we’re talking.

I spread the comforter and tuck it in, then lay a lighter blanket on top and I’m getting my second wind! I fold another blanket long-ways and place it along the back wall as a bolster to prevent me from rolling over into the wall and waking us all up noisily.

Almost done! Pillow cases are on pillows and on the bed! Yay! Done!

And, now a hot mess, I collapse once more onto the middle of the mattress….