Brrr, it’s cold…


We’ve been going through the same really cold snap as half the country these past several days. We had snow, then rain, then more snow, then below-zero temps just like many of you. It got cold enough to freeze the heated water hose from the house to the trailer, so we haven’t had water for two days — but the temps are projected into the 40s and 50s over the weekend, so that will help.

Frank has contracted to plow at a hospital/medical center when we get about an inch or more of snow, so he’s finally been busy in January. He was out most of Saturday night doing a clean-up, and I agreed to shovel out the driveway before he got back. I bundled up and headed out around 6:45 a.m.

I know I could have used the snow thrower, but it was only three inches of light, fluffy powder, so I shoveled. Partway through, I realized that this is the largest driveway I’ve ever had to shovel! (I sucked it up; it only took me an hour.)

It was getting lighter as I was working, so I popped back into the barn and retrieved my phone to take photos. The one at the top is when I started. It was such a promising sky. When I got a little farther, I looked over again and captured this:


The sun is just starting to peep up! Several shovelfuls later, even better:


Voila! Sunrise!

I only had a few more shovels to do, and I quickened my pace. I knew it wouldn’t be long for Frank to arrive, and time for a bit of breakfast and some sleep.

It felt good to do this, body, mind, and spirit, and apparently the Universe agreed.