Cold puppy!


Hi, peeps, it’s your favorite Schipperke with a tiny bit of Pomeranian sprinkled in! Yes, it’s Pip!

The tiny house on the right belongs to me! Turns out Mommy and Daddy and I all have tiny houses! Mommy took this picture of me the other day, and she tried to get me in or next to my house, but I’m too quick for her. She settled for me and house.

In that picture, my house looks like one of my toys, but it’s really a good size for me. It’s cozy and quiet, and they have a little heating thingy in there that I lay on with my blanket. (I couldn’t get the two pictures to match without taking up the whole page. Mommy couldn’t quite figure it out, either.)

Anyway, it snowed a lot the other day. A lot. You can see how much is on the roof! And I couldn’t get around inside my pen — the snow was the same height as me! Mommy had to leave me in the pen for a minute while she got the shovel to make some room. I just stood there in my Pip-sized spot and didn’t know what to do. Mommy laughed so hard.

Mommy wanted to get a picture of me inside my house with all the snow on top, but I didn’t trust her. I mean, what if she left me out there? I was cold just standing there! So I let her take this one picture of me. (She should have got the picture of me standing there in my Pip-sized spot!)

Can you tell I just wanted to go back in the other tiny house, the trailer?

(Wait a minute… Mommy only leaves me outside when she puts my red coat on… and I didn’t have my red coat on! Whoops. She wasn’t leaving me!)

We were only outside for a few more minutes while Mommy and Daddy rooted around in the tent and brought out this black and yellow thing that makes noise and spits snow. Mommy picked me up to carry me home as Daddy took the snow thingy in the yard. Man, that thingy makes noise! My little ears hurt! But Mommy took me back into the warm trailer, so it wasn’t so bad. The trailer is so nice and warm now that we’re in the big barn. And Mommy won’t leave me outside for long while it’s been so very cold.

Okay, that’s enough for now. Time for a nap!