Sometimes the oddest things…


It’s funny what can make us happy sometimes. As our trailer odyssey progresses, we had hoped to have the house itself further along by now (and actually to have it habitable, if not finished). Along the line, we did the math and determined that we had enough money to build a pole barn instead and put the trailer inside. We would then heat the barn to 50-55ºF and give the Atwood furnace inside the trailer a break.

We had a lovely Amish crew building our 30′ x 40′ x 14′ high palace in late September through October. As much as I wanted to take some photos of these guys as they worked, I know that many Amish do know wish to be photographed. Rather than asking, I assumed, and now I regret not getting the great shot of three of them standing 14 feet in the air, balanced perfectly on 1½” of board while the ‘Yankee’ crane operator lifted trusses up to them. It was so much like ballet as they set and placed these, scrambling around as if on the ground. That portion of the project was done in 45 minutes and I’m still it awe.

It took several more days to get the steel siding and roofing on, and then it was a while until the garage doors arrived. Every spare moment Frank had was spent diligently insulating the walls and ceiling, and then covering the insulation with plyboard to create real walls. That part took weeks and Frank’s own brand of ballet, perched several feet in the air on a something that called itself a scaffold. (And as much as I enjoyed watching the Amish crew, I refused to watch when Frank was up in the air. Not sure why, either.)

Anyway, we’ve been inside for about 10 days now. Oh. My. Gosh. By heating the barn to 51ºF, we only need to use a small space heater inside the trailer, and we often need to turn it off because it’s too warm! And when I wake up at night, the walls I touch are dry!

Sometimes the oddest (and simplest) things cause the greatest (and happiest) impact!