Laundry is an issue

person looking searching clean

I have been fortunate enough for most of my life to have a washer and a dryer inside my house. Whether it was at Mom’s, Grandma’s, or eventually my own house, we would just run down the basement, put a load in, and run back up. Who knew I would be so nostalgic for something like this.

There’s no good way to have a laundry pair here yet. While we left our other appliances when we moved, we brought our washer and dryer with us. They’re sitting in yet another storage tent with the furniture. In this gigantic game of Tetris, we have plans to get these set up soon(ish). Until then, I cram half the trailer into my car every week and head to the local Laundromat.

My prior experiences with these were brief encounters once in a while, when the queen-size comforter lost its fresh smell and I just couldn’t jam it into the washer. These trips were pretty quick, since I didn’t have to dry the comforter completely and I could bring it home and drape it over something. (Over the summer, I was often able to do that with the sheets, towels, and jeans — my dog pen fence would get very colorful!)

The old location was not great. I’m not a big fan of being forced to listen to TV talk shows at full volume, so it gave me another reason to hurry up the process. This Laundromat is a much friendlier place, and the caretaker keeps it as clean as if it were in his own home. It gets busy, although I’ve often managed to catch it before it gets too crazy. If I can catch one of the three large dryers, I’m golden. They run hotter.

One of the big advantages to having the Laundry Twins in the basement was that I could choose the weather (hey, it’s raining, I can wash) or the time (yeah, it’s midnight, I can throw something in the dryer overnight), and it was WAY less expensive. (If I add what I’ve spent so far, I’ve purchased another washer and most of a dryer. Yipes.)

I can still choose the weather and the time (the place is open 24/7), but the event must be choreographed now. I have to budget at least three hours between carting everything out to the car, driving there, carting everything in, washing, drying, drying, more drying, carting everything back out to the car, returning home, and exhaustedly humping it all back inside the trailer. And people think I don’t work out.

We are looking a way to rig the washer inside the house while we’re rebuilding it, and we are pretty sure we can install a 220 line to power the dryer as well. Wish us luck on this part of the process. It’s working and can work for a while longer, but I could be using this laundry time so much more effectively.