(Psst, it’s me, the furnace…)


(Quick, She‘s not listening — Hi, I’m the Atwood 7920ii furnace and I am the heart of this operation. If I’m not happy, nobody’s happy….

The picture above is what I looked like 10 years ago. I still look great now, because until They bought the trailer, I think I had only been used three times. Now I run probably every three minutes. It has been COLD here.

I got a new brain in August. The people at the fix-it place said I needed one. Back in May, when we were still having snow, I couldn’t start and I had no way to tell Them what was wrong. They changed first the propane tank regulator, then my igniter, and I still didn’t start. Turns out it was my circuit board, a.k.a., my brain. [I’m all turned around trying to figure out how I was supposed to tell Them it was my brain when my brain wasn’t working…] They used space heaters to get through that cold snap in May, then They forgot about me for a while.

In August, when it was hot as Death Valley and my buddy A.C. was working hard, They had the brilliant idea to take me to the fix-it place — before it got cold again — and those guys figured it out pretty quickly. I got a chance to prove myself when it got cold in October. But then in November, I couldn’t get fuel. I couldn’t start again. I tried and tried, and my little light would flash, but I couldn’t start. They took me back to the fix-it place and those guys said I was okay, so what was happening?

They took me back home and puzzled and puzzled over what to try. Remember, I had a new igniter and regulator, and They always made sure there was plenty of propane in the tanks. It wasn’t the thermostat. Please, not the wiring inside the trailer walls. Hmmm….

Then She had an idea: what if we put the old regulator back on?

Eureka! Who knew?! They save everything [see the earlier post about all the stuff they dragged here — Yikes!], and something told Them to keep the old regulator. Whew!

I have been happily chugging along for over a month now, and since the cold shows no sign of stopping, neither do I. They know I’m doing the best I can. And since I’m happy, everybody’s happy! Back to work! See ya!)