Merry Christmas!!


Hello, all! Even though I can’t fit a tree in the trailer (which pains me), we can still celebrate Christmas! The photo above shows my decorations — because I HAD to have some decorations — and they make me happy.

Two tiny retro trees from the big box store flank a beautiful hand-painted winter scene from the local craft boutique. I added some red tinsel and mini lights, and I am satisfied for this season. These all sit on top of the “dining room” window treatment, and I have Christmas cards pinned there as well. It looks festive. Merry and bright.

In an earlier post, I mentioned all the Christmas decorations I’ve acquired or accumulated, and I can only hope that some of them survive being outside in the storage tent. I love Christmas, from the true reason we celebrate it, to the pretty and colorful outward manifestations. My personal favorite is my parents’ aluminum tree from the early 1960s. I especially hope it makes it through the storage fiasco. At least this year, I pass a house with the same tree in their front window! And it has the same fancy rotating lighted base that my parents splurged on! So nostalgic!

My favorite thing to do, back in the day, was to turn off all the house lights and just keep on the Christmas lights. I’d turn on the hi-fi stereo with Perry Como and Andy Williams, and let one record play while the other was set up to automatically drop. With the tree silently turning, warming every corner and catching every glittering bit of tinsel, and the red-lamped wreaths in the front windows, and the pine boughs placed on the mantel, with their ancient ornaments and tiny lights…. I would sit in the rocker and sway, positioned so I could see it all and the snow softly coming down outside. I’m there right now in my heart.

We all have favorite items and memories from our past holidays, and every year is a chance to make new ones. Keep those old favorites in mind and let them live in your heart. Even through the chaos, you can’t know when you’ll need to pull in those warm, fuzzy feelings. They are more precious than treasure. And they come back to you so much more readily than the stressful ones, if you let them. All your departed loved ones come, too, although they never really left.

So, from our trailer to the world, may you have a happy, merry, and blessed Christmas. It is our honor to wish it to you on this Christmas Eve 2018.


Annette, Frank, and Pip

“And I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”