Showering gets interesting…

You will never see a picture from inside my bathroom because there is no way to get any kind of camera angle!

Showering can be very interesting — on a number of levels.

(Wait! I don’t mean it that way! There’s probably no room for that way!)

The tub is child-sized. It measures 18″ (one and a half feet) by 31″ (two and a half feet). The whole bathroom is only six feet wide, including the 18″ of tub width. The tub is perfectly sized for my fifteen-pound dog.

I am a tall gal, almost six feet in height. Fortunately, they put a little skylight bubble in over the tub, right where it should be. I can stand comfortably in place — until I have to turn, at which point I spin like a demented penguin. Shaving my legs would look hilarious to an outsider. Can you say pretzelization?

We are fortunate enough to have a well on the property, and the first thing we did was to install a pressure tank in the basement of the to-be-renovated house. A heavy-duty commercial garden hose (insulated and wrapped in heat tape) delivers some fairly good well water to the trailer, so we have an ‘unlimited’ supply. However, because any water we use inside the trailer drains into a holding tank which is not unlimited, showers are planned and very brief.

Water on, quick rinse, wash, quick rinse, wash hair, quick rinse. Usually a lot of shivering in between as well.

It gets the job done fairly elegantly. Still, please don’t think less of me on those rare times when I’m in a hotel room and let the water run overlong, wastefully!