A trailer vs. a “Tiny House”


Okay, I’ll be honest: the trailer is actually bigger than the above photo — although not by much.

The greatest difference between the new trend of tiny houses and our trailer is that you can design details into the house, while the trailer was already 9 years old when we bought it. The only control we have is by adding some drawers and shelves on top of one another, ruining the upholstered seats they are placed upon. (Be patient with me — I’ll eventually have some real photos of how this all works!)

I suppose we could do what our neighbors did. They, too, are living in a trailer — with a two-year-old child! While our property had a house that needs to be rebuilt, theirs only has a small (unheated) storage barn, and they’ll be building from scratch. Anyway, they ripped the top off of their used trailer and built loft bedrooms on both ends, one for the parents and one for the daughter. I think they even have a weensy wood stove, vs. our propane heater. (That should have its own blog.)

I am not complaining about the layout of our trailer. The folks that design these things are amazing. I would have liked a little more leeway, that’s all. I would have made it all bit taller (4 inches, maybe) and I would have installed some hooks — although the company that makes those Command products is very happy with me right now.

The trailer has forced my creativity gene to activate! Well, that’s a stretch: I probably mean my resourcefulness gene. Not only can I not fit much, but what I can fit must be arranged thoughtfully and cleverly.

Either way, design control or not, they’re tiny. And I have a whole new appreciation for the concept.