“Then what’s your least favorite thing about living in a trailer?”


Ah, the “leasts”….  There aren’t as many of those as you might expect!

Okay, I can’t cook. Actually, I’m a very good cook — I just don’t have any desire to do so. (Maybe this belongs in the most-liked discussion — now I have an excuse!) We discovered that someone created and manufactured a metal cover for the stove burners, and it fits perfectly. Apparently, I wasn’t the first non-cook to live in a trailer. We put our toaster over on top of the burner cover, and the burners became useful. We use the tiny oven to store non-perishables, and we have jammed a chopstick behind the control knobs so they can’t be turned on without purpose.

We do one of the things that all the diet gurus say not to: we eat out. We then have leftovers, and that’s how we eat in the trailer. Besides the toaster oven, the trailer was equipped with a microwave, so that’s how we eat. Add a coffee maker, and I’m all set. No traditional cooking required.

I also can’t exercise easily inside. I do have a desire to do this, but I’m as good at making up excuses not to do this as I am with cooking! I’m lucky that I’m in pretty good shape just doing normal daily activities, but I could do better if I could figure out how have more than two steps to prance across the trailer. I have to position myself just-so to do squats, then differently for push-ups — and when waving my arms around, I look like a angry whirligig in a narrow hallway.

Perhaps the true least-liked thing is the size of the bed. The main sleeping area (I say this as if there are really other sleeping areas — the two tiny bunks are being used for storage) is a bump-out from the rear of the trailer. The mattress is queen-sized — but not exactly. We measured the existing mattress, which was about three inches thick and uncomfortable, and discovered that the length was six inches shorter than a traditional queen bed. We learned through further research that many trailer mattresses are what’s called a “short queen”.

A standard queen measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. As a person who is 70 inches tall, an 80-inch-long mattress is more than enough for me to stretch out on.

A “short queen” is 74 inches long. Uh, oh. When I stretch my feet, I’m closer to 78 inches long! I could stretch out crosswise — and then where will my husband sleep? I end up sleeping with my feet pushed up against the side of the chamber, and that feels weird. However, during the research we found a new mattress that was memory foam, thicker, and not expensive. I still look forward to the day I can stretch completely out in a long-enough bed, but in the mean time, this mattress gathers me in like a best friend in a warm hug — with my feet sticking straight up.

The other large “least” is that I can’t have fire indoors. We had installed a wood-burning stove at the old house,  and this provided heat, light, atmosphere, and that great aroma — all while taking a load off my 67-year-old furnaces that had been installed in 1951 and were still heating happily in 2018. My wood-burner let me do several things at once: indulge my love of a wood fire, baby my old Moncrief furnaces along, and be cheap as I could by not having to replace them!