“Then what’s your least favorite thing about living in a trailer?”


Ah, the “leasts”….  There aren’t as many of those as you might expect!

Okay, I can’t cook. Actually, I’m a very good cook — I just don’t have any desire to do so. (Maybe this belongs in the most-liked discussion — now I have an excuse!) We discovered that someone created and manufactured a metal cover for the stove burners, and it fits perfectly. Apparently, I wasn’t the first non-cook to live in a trailer. We put our toaster over on top of the burner cover, and the burners became useful. We use the tiny oven to store non-perishables, and we have jammed a chopstick behind the control knobs so they can’t be turned on without purpose.

We do one of the things that all the diet gurus say not to: we eat out. We then have leftovers, and that’s how we eat in the trailer. Besides the toaster oven, the trailer was equipped with a microwave, so that’s how we eat. Add a coffee maker, and I’m all set. No traditional cooking required. Continue reading ““Then what’s your least favorite thing about living in a trailer?””