“So what’s your most favorite thing about living in a trailer?”

heart shape multicolored stand

Hmmm….. My most favorite thing….

(I’m never good at these questions, like when the interviewer asks, “What are your three greatest strengths?” Argh — brain freeze!)

I could say it’s the challenge of the whole situation. “Let’s just change everything about everything and make everything else look seamless. Oh, wait, change that too?” It forces you to look at every single part of your life.

I could also say it’s the chance to get to know my husband better. There is an honesty in the trailer that can’t be avoided. It’s not like you can go into the other room! We were close before the move, and navigating all these changes together has allowed us to help each other, to learn how we each handle unusual circumstances, and to grow.

What about the new paradigm around what’s really necessary — from a material possessions standpoint? Oh, ho, there will be so much more on this topic later. For now, let’s say that could go in a “most” favorite category and a “least” favorite one!

It’s possible that the best part of this comes back to the challenge. There is absolutely nothing about this that’s normal. Not one thing. It has forced us — me — to learn whole new workarounds to pretty much every situation, and to do so with grace and joy, instead of the swearing that I usually did. By throwing off so much — physically, mentally, emotionally — other things can surface, and many of those are very good.