From the Incisors to the Trailer


Be careful what you wish for….

So much of this started last year, for a truly unusual reason: I wanted to straighten my teeth. This led to a 19-month roller coaster ride where everything in my life changed except my husband and dog!

There will be a key take-away here, and it’s that we are living in a 17-foot travel trailer.  And we like it.

The feeling that kept coming to me as this journey unfolded was Grace Under Chaos.  It repeated itself like a mantra or an affirmation or a whisper (or a premonition?):  “grace under chaos”….  Chaos it is, with grace as often as possible!

If anyone had told me of the changes that were coming, I would have either run screaming or told them they were nuts.

Some of it actually began in April of 2016, when we bought a house on 3 acres in the country. The house was in such rough shape that technically we paid for 3 acres and got a house thrown in. (Picture the worst episodes of Fixer Upper and Hoarders, with a first-floor ceiling brushing against the top of your head, and then add bees.) We knew would have to completely rehabilitate it. Our goal was to move out of the city so that my landscaper husband would have room for all of his trucks, trailers, and equipment. That goal hit delay after delay – and then I got the brilliant idea to straighten my teeth.

(I know, I know — it can’t make sense that these would go together. Well, they don’t. And they do.)

Since they came in when I was a kid, my upper incisors were wonky; twisted and gappy and funny-looking. My folks couldn’t afford braces then, and most of the time, I just never thought about it. That is, until February of 2107, when I became obsessed with changing my life, starting with those teeth. Now, when I say “Be careful what you wish for”, you might want to consider what you could be bringing in or letting out. (Picture Indiana Jones moving one rock and having the whole mountain disintegrate.) Well, getting these teeth to turn started a similar cataclysm.

Come and wander through chaos with me as I travel through a major job change, two house rehabs (and neither was the house on the property — it sits quietly, waiting), the death of someone very close to me, the moving of everything we own not once but twice (and then discovering why that was a very bad idea), and learning how to figure out what stays inside the trailer for the past six months and what doesn’t. Then let’s add an unexpected yearning to return to my former career while considering starting about 15 other things. Oh, this is such the tip of the iceberg (or is it the incisor?)….