“Then what’s your least favorite thing about living in a trailer?”


Ah, the “leasts”….  There aren’t as many of those as you might expect!

Okay, I can’t cook. Actually, I’m a very good cook — I just don’t have any desire to do so. (Maybe this belongs in the most-liked discussion — now I have an excuse!) We discovered that someone created and manufactured a metal cover for the stove burners, and it fits perfectly. Apparently, I wasn’t the first non-cook to live in a trailer. We put our toaster over on top of the burner cover, and the burners became useful. We use the tiny oven to store non-perishables, and we have jammed a chopstick behind the control knobs so they can’t be turned on without purpose.

We do one of the things that all the diet gurus say not to: we eat out. We then have leftovers, and that’s how we eat in the trailer. Besides the toaster oven, the trailer was equipped with a microwave, so that’s how we eat. Add a coffee maker, and I’m all set. No traditional cooking required. Continue reading ““Then what’s your least favorite thing about living in a trailer?””

“So what’s your most favorite thing about living in a trailer?”

heart shape multicolored stand

Hmmm….. My most favorite thing….

(I’m never good at these questions, like when the interviewer asks, “What are your three greatest strengths?” Argh — brain freeze!)

I could say it’s the challenge of the whole situation. “Let’s just change everything about everything and make everything else look seamless. Oh, wait, change that too?” It forces you to look at every single part of your life. Continue reading ““So what’s your most favorite thing about living in a trailer?””

The Definition of “Small”


What (actually) does today’s title mean?

I have what feels like 16 square feet of floor space now, but more freedom than possibly ever before in my life.

We inherited my grandma’s house in the city several years ago and recently moved from it. The family had owned it for 72 years when we sold it. That’s a lot of history in two floors of 1200 square feet each. Continue reading “The Definition of “Small””

From the Incisors to the Trailer


Be careful what you wish for….

So much of this started last year, for a truly unusual reason: I wanted to straighten my teeth. This led to a 19-month roller coaster ride where everything in my life changed except my husband and dog!

There will be a key take-away here, and it’s that we are living in a 17-foot travel trailer.  And we like it. Continue reading “From the Incisors to the Trailer”